Apartment Triple Room – Bed & Breakfast

$87.50 / per night
Max Guests: 10
Min. Booking Nights: 1
300 sq

Apartment furnished with 2 meters long 1 meter wide beds made out of best teak.
Beds are meticulously turned out highly skilled carpenters and covered with bedding
and pillows hygienically treated and providing case and comfort.

When compared to apartment aesthetic values and at the same time providing all necessary amenities. There is a photograph of some very special place of interest hung on the wall of every room.

Room Services

Bathroom 80 squire feet space
Kitchen 80 squire feet space
Bed room 300 squire feet space
Heigh Speed Internet Access
Alarms – Audiable
Sofa set for 6 persons
Hot Water
6 chaires
Attached Bath
Cable Television
Hair Dryer
Air Conditioner